The Basics of QR Codes

The Basics of QR Codes

Quick Response Codes or QR Codes for short have sprung up over the recent years. Especially as smartphones gain in popularity and usage. These nifty little graphics has only broadened the marketer's tool belt. But with this tool comes a few questions. So we've answered a few questions about QR Codes to better help you decide if they fit with your marketing strategy.

How do you use a QR code?

QR codes are created with a specific web page, app, or even phone number attached to them. The user uses a QR scanner to scan the code which prompts their phone to send the user to the desired link. This replaces the extra steps that a traditional URL requires of a user.

What can I attach to a QR code?

The beauty of QR codes is their versatility. You can create QR codes that take users to: 

  • Smart Phone Apps
  • Websites
  • Videos
  • Social Media Pages
  • vCard
  • Static SMS
  • Email
  • MP3
  • Coupons
  • Downloadable documents
  • And More!

    Can I change the destination of a QR code after it's been printed?

    The answer is yes and no, it all depends on the type of QR code. If you've created a dynamic QR Code, then yes. Dynamic QR codes use a short URL which redirects the user to the set destination. Static QR codes are the other type of QR code. They're used to send SMS, emails, and other types of digital messages. These cannot be edited once they're created and printed.

    How customizable are QR codes?

    QR codes are insanely customizable, beyond their scanning destination and into their look. The codes can be customized with unique colors, your business logo, frames, CTA text, social media icons, added into surrounding graphics, and more!

    How can I create a QR code?

    There are many platforms (both free and paid) where you can create your own QR code. Here are a few we like: 

    QR codes are quite a helpful marketing tool to not only attract an audience but draw curiosity to them. They make it easy on your audience to visit, download, and read your message. They also enable you to track how well your direct mail campaigns are performing (based on the program you use).

    Want to start a QR code campaign? Our team can walk you through setting one up.


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