Sending a friendly YELLOW bunny

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Your prospective clients will never forget your name when sending a friendly YELLOW bunny hops into their mailbox! She’s a new, creative take on the classic business card exchange that’s sure to land you a spot on someone’s calendar!

Step 1.

Select the YGMA product you'd like to use in your campaign.

Step 2.

Fill out the custom message you want to send your audience and upload the business card and/or marketing materials you'd like included on/inside the box. Business cards are printed on a sticker with your message and added on the inside of the flap of the box.

Step 4

Once you've ordered your product, you'll get a confirmation email instructing you to fill out our address form. Fill the form out and send it attached to the confirmation email.

Step 5

You'll get a few emails confirming when we've shipped them (with tracking numbers), when all of your boxes have been delivered, as well as a analytics report (if you opted to use a QR code).
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