Why Stuffed Animals?

With a background in the Toy Industry, we know how effective stuffed animals can be, and research proves it:

Develop Trust

Exposure to stuffed animals in a work environment promotes trust. -Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

Set a Positive Tone

Recipients of stuffed animals are more likely to exhibit friendlier and more giving characteristics. -Psychology Today

Psychology Today

Step 1.
Select Your Box +Stuffed Animal

Select the type of campaign based on your marketing/sales funnel or box size.

Step 2.
Customize Your Campaign

Create your own message (or use ours), upload your business card and logo, and even insert your sales/marketing literature.

Step 3.
Let Us Handle the Rest!

Once we receive your order and campaign addresses, we pack each box up with your custom message and literature and ship it for you!
Review Worthy Customer Experiences

"In our industry, building and maintaining customer relationships is imperative. We implemented YGMA not only at the top of the funnel but in the middle and bottom. The result was more meaningful and effective relationships resulting in not just happy customers, but loyal evangelists. The holy grail of marketing and sales in business."

Cushman & Wakefield
Eliot K - Vice President Cushman & Wakefield

"We called YGMA to help us gain the attention of a few prospective clients. These incredible boxes not only got us through the door, they made an outstanding first impression.The result every time is a lighthearted meeting full of laughs that leaves the customers feeling great about my company. And the donation to children in need has been a great way to demonstrate our organization's values."

CMH Solutions LLC
CHRIS H - CEO CMH Solutions

"How simply adorable! We received raving comments from our clients - we had sent our top customers the 'We're So Happy, We Can Hardly BEAR It' teddy and they loved them. The most unique thank you we've ever sent. The process could not be easier and it was executed without a hitch. We're actually looking forward to running another campaign; this is pure awesomeness!!"

Cherri Stone Interactive
Ami B - Chief Strategy Officer Cherri Stone Interactive

"YGMA really helped us take our business to the next step. Customers response increased by 50%. I would recommend this to any company that wants to take the business to the next level."

Foy Commerce
Chaim W - Vice President Port Air Express

"In a competitive business environment, we're always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. YGMA's strategy does just that. Not only were we able to get in front of our target audience, but convert them into new customers. YGMA has proven to be a simple yet effective strategy to consistently use in our marketing and sales tactics."

"The YGMA concept has really helped me leave a meaningful impression with my clients. They really appreciate the genuine gift they receive from me."

Foy Commerce
Brian F - CEO Foy Commerce

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