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Get a 100% open rate with creative YGMA direct mail campaigns.

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Don't Let Your Audience Slip Away

You've got a great product, website, qualified leads, and relevant ads. But you aren't quite seeing the results you want. What gives? Scroll down to learn why your audience isn't buying into you.

Your Audience is Flooded with Ads and Emails

The average person sees 3,000+ messages per day. All these distractions means poor open rates and your business being drowned out by your audience.

There's No Relationship or Trust

People don't buy from companies they don't trust. When selling to your audience, you need to establish a relationship to create trust.

They Want Something for Free before Buying

Everyone likes free stuff! It's in our DNA. No one wants to go straight into purchase mode without some sort of free content or product.

The Solution ISN'T Direct Mail.

The solution IS creative YGMA direct mail campaigns.

Learn how a YGMA campaign can produce results

Achieve a 100% Open Rate

Send them our signature box. It's been designed to stand out and draw curiosity. And if that's not enough, each box comes with a plush animal and pun guaranteed to get a chuckle. They get a FREE laugh and a FREE stuffed animal, a real relationship and trust builder.

Stand Out to Your Audience

Our campaigns are completeely customizable so you can stand out. Add in your own business card and/or sales literature to send your audience the right message.

Get them to Take Action, Track the Results

We offer Omni-Channel Marketing with custom QR codes/unique URLs included in your box so your audience can take action and you can track the results.


Customers that "got their attention"


Showcase up to three testimonials to build trust with potential customers.



Showcase up to three testimonials to build trust with potential customers.



Showcase up to three testimonials to build trust with potential customers.


Creating a campaign is simple.

Select your product and message, upload your marketing materials and addresses, and let us handle the rest!

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At YGMA, we truly believe that everyone deserves a smile- both at work, and beyond. To embody this important principle, we donate a portion of every sale The Toy Foundation whose mission is to bring joy to needy children through toys. Give a gift, they get a gift. #ygmacares


Using bulk mail to improve profits

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