About Us

The Everyday Marketing/Sales Struggle

The digital age is a powerful thing - it’s given many brands the voice they need to reach their target buyer. But with so many voices, comes a lot of noise and even more screaming. 

How do you differentiate yourself to get your audience's attention, get them on board with what you offer, and ultimately make a purchasing decision?

Our Solution

We’re You Got My Attention, or YGMA for short, and we offer a unique solution to the challenge that most sales people and marketers face. It’s bulk mailing, with a twist.

With a background in the toy industry, we know the joy and surprise people get when they open a package from us. It’s this flood of happiness that brings the biggest grin on the receiver's face. What if you could create that for your target customer? We create a unique experience for your target audience, offering various custom stuffed animals complete with custom messaging and your own business card and literature.

We’re different in multiple ways, our products are customer centric:

  • We create a unique experience with our products by offering something they can use.
  • Our custom boxes are guaranteed to get their attention and create an experience when opening.
  • Our “punny” jokes almost always get a chuckle out of the receiver which creates a sense of trust and furthers your potential relationship.

In Sync with Your Marketing/Sales Efforts

Not only do our products have a 100% open rate, but fit right in with your marketing and sales strategy. We offer omni-channel marketing (link to blog post or definition), meaning we create custom QR codes or unique URLs included with your box so not only will your audience take action, but you’ll be able to track the impact of your YGMA campaign to further the customer journey.

Customer Centered Support

Not only do we offer great products, but even better customer service. We’ll work with you to develop the right direct mail campaign that’s tailored to your audience and customer journey. You have something unique to offer your audience, and we’ll make sure they know that.