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Digital marketing is a powerful tool, it allows you to build brand awareness and reach your target audience. But considering the average person sees over 3,500 marketing messages each day, how effectively are you reaching your audience and convincing them to take action?

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Our Solution

We offer a unique solution to the challenge that most salespeople and marketing professionals face.

It's bulk mail marketing, with a twist.

We've combined direct mail with the power of humor to create a whole new attention-getting beast! We didn't invent the wheel, we just modified it. 

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What's included in a YGMA campaign:

  • A stuffed animal
  • Our custom box guaranteed to get a 100% open rate
  • Your custom messaging, logo, and optional marketing/sales materials
  • A Toy Foundation card explaining the donation made to help children in need

Why stuffed animals??

Authorities such as Harvard Business Review and Psychology Today reveal that exposure to stuffed animals in a work environment promote trust, one of the most important factors in a business relationship. Not only this, but recipients of stuffed animals are more likely to exhibit friendlier and more giving characteristics.

Therefore, sending a stuffed animal helps you develop trust and set a positive tone with your audience, both key for sparking customer action.

YGMA campaigns are different in multiple ways, they're customer-centric:

  • Experience-driven: YGMA campaigns create a unique experience and offer something not purely promotional
  • Guaranteed 100% open rate, the biggest hurdle that companies face with their audience (What's in the box?!?).
  • No need to worry about competing digitally with other companies. With a YGMA direct mail campaign, you get a customized and direct approach allowing your audience to focus on your message with no distractions.

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    Campaigns for a Greater Cause

    "80% of Americans are more likely to switch to a brand that's equal in quality/price when it supports a charity." 

    The Toy Foundation Card InsertEach YGMA campaign includes a donation to The Toy Foundation, showing your audience that you care about something much bigger. It may be random receiving a stuffed animal in a box, but when it's for a good cause, that's all that matters.


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