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We get it, YGMA's style is unique. šŸ¤”

That's why we've created this page! Below, you'll find a few concerns that others have when trying to figure out if YGMA is right for them. So go ahead, poke around.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, shoot us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.


"What does a stuffed animal have to do with my business? Won't my audience think I'm weird?"Ā šŸ§

Therefore, sending a stuffed animal helps you develop trust and set a positive tone with your audience, both key for sparking customer action.

Implementing charity and humor in your marketing/advertising creates a positive brand image while nurturing the relationship with your audience.

"Your premadeĀ puns are weird."Ā šŸ˜¶

Your message is important, that's why we give you the option to substitute our pun with your own message.

We chose our puns very specifically after finding that using humor results in better recall, meaning you'll be better remembered (que that "I will remember you" song).

"Direct mail doesn't mesh with my strategy. It's out of date."Ā šŸ‘“šŸ‘µšŸ’¾

Struggling to see how you can create this type of campaign? Reach out to our creative team and we'll personally help set up the right campaign for you.

    100% open rate, really?Ā šŸ“­

    • Direct mail is already known for having an 80-90% open rate. This includes generic letters, envelopes, and brown packages that are sent.
    • We've amped it up to 100% by creating a unique and noticeable box.
    • Not only is our box unique, but it's big (our smallest box measures 8"x8"x8") meaning it won't get overlooked/lost in the other mail.

    Direct mail is more expensive than digital marketing.Ā šŸ’°

    Convinced that YGMA is a good fit, start a campaign here!

    Still on the fence? Reach out to us and we'll answer any concerns you have!

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