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Direct Mail MarketingDigital marketing is a powerful tool, it allows you to build brand awareness and reach your target audience. But considering the average person sees 3,500+ marketing messages per day in a crowded digital world, how effectively are you reaching your audience and convincing them to take action?

Direct Mail Marketing

Our Solution

We offer a unique solution to the challenge that most salespeople and marketing professionals face.

It’s bulk mail marketing, with a twist.

We've combined direct mail with the power of humor to create a whole new attention-getting beast! We didn't invent the wheel, we just modified it.

What's included in a YGMA campaign:

  • A stuffed animal
  • Our custom box guaranteed to get a 100% open rate
  • Your custom messaging, logo, and optional marketing/sales materials
  • A Toy Foundation card explaining the donation made to helping children in need
    Direct Mail Marketing

  • Campaigns for a Greater Cause

    Direct Mail Marketing
    *Actual Box Insert
    "80% of Americans are more likely to switch to a brand that's equal in quality/price when it supports a charity."

    Each YGMA campaign includes a donation to The Toy Foundation, showing your audience that you care about something much bigger. It may be random receiving a stuffed animal in a box, but when it's for a good cause, that's all that matters.

    YGMA campaigns are different in multiple ways, they're customer-centric:

    • Experience driven: YGMA campaigns create a unique experience and offer something not purely promotional
    • Guaranteed 100% open rate: the biggest hurdle that companies face with their audience (What's in the box?!?).
    • No need to worry about competing digitally with other companies. With a YGMA direct mail campaign, you get a customized and direct approach allowing your audience to focus on your message with no distractions.
    Every sale results in a donation to the toy foundation to help kids in need.

    100% Review Worthy

    You Got My Attention: 100% Open Rate. 100% Awesome. Start your custom direct mail campaign.
    "We called YGMA to help us gain the attention of a few prospective clients. These incredible boxes not only got us through the door, they made an outstanding first impression. The result every time is a lighthearted meeting full of laughs that leaves the customers feeling great about my company. And the donation to children in need has been a great way to demonstrate our organization's values."
    CMH Solutions LLCCHRIS H - CEO CMH Solutions
    You Got My Attention: 100% Open Rate. 100% Awesome. Start your custom direct mail campaign.
    "I really liked the overall concept to incorporate into my business. The YGMA concept has really helped me leave a meaningful impression with my clients. They really appreciate the genuine gift they receive from me."
    Foy CommerceBrian F - CEO Foy Commerce

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