Our Open Rate is 100%, what's yours?


What is YGMA?
It's direct mail, done different.


The average person sees 3,000+ digital ads, emails, and videos every. single. day.

Making it even harder for you to get your audience's attention, build your relationship, and get them to commit to your product.

This begs the question: how effectively are you reaching your audience and convincing them to take action?

The Solution: You Got My Attention Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail boasts impressive numbers:

  • It's Memorable: 75% of direct mail recipients are able to recall a brand after receiving a package while only 44% of digital recipients are able to remember a brand.
  • It Sparks Action: 79% of direct mail campaigns get an immediate response compared to 45% of emails.
  • It Builds Trust: 70% of consumers prefer direct mail stating it's more personal than digital resulting in 47% larger orders compared to non-nurtured leads.

What's Included in a YGMA Campaign

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Send your audience a 'thank you' with our magical 34" unicorn and 14"x14"x14" box. It'll for sure make a positive impression making you stand out.

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Tell your new customer how excited you are to be working with them. Our 18" bear creates a warm and friendly impression sitting inside a 14"x14"x14" box.

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Ready to follow up? Our octopus inside a 10"x10"x10" box will make any prospect want to set up another meeting.

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Get a chuckle out of your prospects with our chicken and 6"x6"x6" box. Follow up to take initiative and develop your relationship.

The Science Behind YGMA: Why It Works

Achieve a 100% Open Rate + Stand Out.

Our novel box has been designed to be irresistibly openable, meaning your recipients will open it every. single. time.
The stuffed animal in each campaign creates a memorable experience to build brand awareness and recognition. Because let's face it, how likely is your competition doing this?

Tailor Campaigns = Tailored Results

With our design and your custom message, you're able to tailor your message to your audience. Add your business card, logo, URL, and sales/marketing literature to send the right message, drive action, and achieve your campaign goals.

Why Stuffed Animals??

Develop Trust

Exposure to stuffed animals in a work environment promotes trust. -Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review

Highlight Your Company Values

"80% of Americans are more likely to switch to a brand that's equal in quality/price when it supports a charity."

In today's business environment, consumers are looking for brands that care. Each campaign includes a donation to
The Toy Foundation to help bring the magic of toys to kids in need, helping you build trust and nurture your relationship with your target audience.

It may be random receiving a stuffed animal in a box. But when it's for a good cause, that's all that matters.

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Lost a customer or haven't heard form them in a while? Send them this and tell them you're ready to do more business. This colorful dino comes in a 10"x10"x10" YGMA box.

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Send your prospects this 18" mythical creature and show them that your product is magical, but also real. This unicorn comes in a 10"x10"x10" YGMA box.

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This product goes over great, especially with sports fans. Send them this as a 'thank you' for being your customer. You'll be sure to 'score' more business. This bear comes in a 6"x6"x6" YGMA box.

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Follow up with your prospect/customer and show them that you'd love to listen in and learn about their problems to seek out ways to solve them. This warm, embracing plush bunny comes inside a 6"x6"x6" YGMA box

Review Worthy Customer Experiences

How simply adorable! We received raving comments from our clients - we had sent our top customers the 'We're So Happy, We Can Hardly BEAR It' teddy and they loved them. The most unique thank you we've ever sent. The process could not be easier and it was executed without a hitch. We're actually looking forward to running another campaign; this is pure awesomeness!!

Ami B - Chief Strategy Officer Cherri Stone Interactive

We called YGMA to help us gain the attention of a few prospective clients. These incredible boxes not only got us through the door,they made an outstanding first impression. The result every time is a lighthearted meeting full of laughs that leaves the customers feeling great about my company. And the donation to children in need has been a great way to demonstrate our organization's values.

Chris H - CEO CMH Solutions

Not Convinced? We Totally Get it.

Read our whitepaper on direct mail and ways it can help your business. It goes in depth into the struggles of today's digital marketing and sales environment and how direct mail offsets these challenges.