5 Content Types You Can Include in Your Landing Page

5 Content Types You Can Include In Your Landing Page

There are multiple facets to launching a successful direct mail campaign. You have to curate the right type of direct mail campaign, select the audience you want to target and develop the right call to action.

Most companies are so busy doing the first two they overlook the final step, the call to action. When running a direct mail campaign, a great option is to create a custom landing page with custom URL that your audience goes to. This is the final step they take before converting. This is your last chance to convince them to take action. We've created a few landing page ideas to help you convert your audience: 

1. Send them to a personal video

Video has proven to be king in today's digital age. And combine this with a personal touch and you've got a winner. Record a personal message to your audience and throw it onto a landing page with your other contact info and product listing below. This is like having a meeting with your prospect without every actually meeting. It'll also show that you took the time to customize their experience.

2. Send them to a download

Offer them free information that they might find valuable. At the end of that information, create an offer that's relevant as a thank you for coming this far with you. This will help nurture your relationship with them by being helpful and entice them to buy with a special deal. 

3. Answer a question

Ask a question in your direct mail campaign with the answer being on the landing page. This will draw their curiosity and entice them to continue to your landing page. The question could be a serious, industry related question, or even a joke. 

4. Send them to a personal meeting invite

Maybe you've already included helpful information in your direct mail campaign. The next step would be to send them to a meeting invite. By doing this, you're creating an event that will remind them when the time comes to connect. This makes it easy for them to set up a meeting. Always make it easy for your prospects to do business with you, they'll appreciate it. 

5. Demo your product

Create a quick product demo and insert it onto your landing page with a form they can fill out to learn more. That way you can track how successful your campaign was. This type of campaign should be sent to prospects that have shown interest in your product recently and look like they'd want to see a product demo. It will also help in expediting the sales process since you won't have to do the demo yourself. 


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