By the Numbers: Direct Mail vs Digital Marketing

By the Numbers: Direct Mail vs Digital Marketing

How would we describe the rivalry between direct mail and digital marketing? It's like two siblings fighting over who's the best at everything, AM vs FM radio, Lebron James vs Michael get the picture. But there's this stigma surrounding direct mail that describes it as outdated and obsolete.

Oh the contrary, direct mail marketing is proving to be a very effective form of marketing and is actually getting stronger. Here are some numbers to drop (oh yes we did):

  • Audiences that receive direct mail act immediately 79% of the time compared to 45% of recipients that were emailed an offer (source).
  • Direct mail produces 34% customers compared to email at 24% (source)
  • Direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media (source)

Still not convinced? Download our infographic to see more mind-blowing stats on areas that direct trumps digital.


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