Checklist: Build-a-Audience Checklist

Checklist: Build-a-Audience Checklist

Let's play pretend for a brief moment...

You've started an organic meat business, selling organic meats of all types. 🥩

You've spent hours upon hours developing, researching, and raising the tastiest organic meat that money can buy. It's the best thing since sliced bread (and it goes great with bread too!). 🍞 

You start selling it, targeting vegans.

Sounds ridiculous right? There's no way you'd see good results.

This is a prime example of why creating the right audience is so important. Targeting the wrong audience won't result in sales because they won't have any need/interest in your product.

And our reason why we've created this checklist for creating an audience to include in your campaigns. It'll walk you through your target prospects when selecting them. 

Download it now and start creating the perfect audience.

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