Four Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Campaign Audience

Four Ways to Stay Top of Mind with Your Campaign Audience

In today's digital age, we've grown accustomed to hearing that people have the attention spans of not even gold fish. This is practically true which results in us having to continually to get our brand in front of our audience. It's said that it takes 15-20 touch points for a consumer to make a purchasing decision. This is why staying in front of your audience is crucial in building brand awareness, trust, and new customers.

When creating a campaign, one of the major piece that marketers and salespeople need to have is a post campaign communication plan. This is the plan of attack once your campaign has been finished. Below we've highlighted a few post campaign communication tactics that you can use in your strategy:

  • Post Email: Keep an eye on your tracking numbers and make note when each direct mailer has arrived. Wait 3-5 business days to send your audience an email asking if they received your mailer and if you can be of assistance.
  • Social Retargeting: If you're sending your audience to a landing page after they receive your mailer, make sure you have a retargeting campaign set up. Make sure if matches the overall look/feel/theme of the campaign to develop brand awareness. This is a great automated way to stay top of mind with your audience. 
  • Send Multiple Mailers: Perhaps you've sent your audience our signature box, but now you want to keep sending them more things that are helpful. Instead of sending them our box, try a toned down version of it with our poly mailer bags. Make a conversation out of it so that each mailer is connected in some way. 
  • Post Call: This is a no-brainer, but one of the major things most salespeople make is calling too soon and bombarding their audience. Give them 3-5 business days to digest and open your mailer. This way you don't come off as being pushy or salesy. 

Multiple touch points are very important in developing your relationship with a prospect. When doing so, make sure you're helpful, informative, and NOT pushy. This phase is about letting your audience learn as much as they can about not only your brand, but the product/service that you offer so they can make the best decision. 

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