How Charitable Giving Can Help You Differentiate Your Brand

How Charitable Giving Can Help You Differentiate Your Brand

In today's business environment, it's easy to say that competition is tighter than before. With advances in technology, an ever-connected world, and easy to find resources, more and more brands are popping up. The ever nagging question, "what makes you different" begs to be answered.

One solution: Charitable Giving

Not only is it the moral right thing to do, but it's an excellent way of attracting and retaining an audience. The numbers are there to prove it:

  • 70% of millennials report they'll spend more with cause-supporting brands (source).
  • 80% of Americans are more likely to switch to a brand that's equal in quality/price when it supports a charity (source).

Create a Talking Point

One of the biggest struggles of first touch interactions with audiences is finding something to talk about that isn't self-absorbed. Charitable giving creates the ultimate talking point. The majority will listen if it has to do with the greater good.

Create Trust, Be Memorable, and Build Brand Association

With the internet age came distrust. Associating a charity breaks that barrier while making your brand more memorable with brand association. The next time you talk to your audience they'll associate you as "that brand that does that charitable thing." This kind of association does wonders when it comes time for them to make a purchasing decision. 

Build a Long-Term Relationship

Humans love feeling like they're part of a greater cause. By integrating a charity into your brand's mission, your audience will feel like they're part of the mission by just being your customer. This helps nurture short-term relationships into long-lasting ones.

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