STOP TALKING ALL ABOUT YOURSELF: Where Most Businesses Fail with Social Media

STOP TALKING ALL ABOUT YOURSELF: Where Most Businesses Fail with Social Media

Oh social media, what some might consider the greatest thing since sliced bread (or the worst thing ever depending on who you ask).

But hey, that's another debate for another blog post.

Social media is great because it allows businesses to reach an even larger audience than before.

But oh so many fail.

Why? They talk too much about themselves.

Why do people go on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? It certainly isn't to learn more about how your business creates an awesome product and how they should totally buy it.


According to a study done by Impact:

"52% of consumers say they have stopped following a brand on Facebook because the information posted had become too repetitive and boring."


People use social media to communicate, be entertained, and for value. This is what many businesses fail to see (those in b2b especially).

My advice: Be relatable on social media. Don't be purely promotional

Post about things that aren't directly about your business.

Find things that your audience will find valuable and actually want to share (like memes of cats or inspirational stuff). Make your content indirectly connected with your brand (i.e. if your audience is in sales, post about the worst sales trips you've taken). That's how you'll build a strong social media following.

Success on social media means getting people interested in your brand, building trust, THEN telling them what you offer. Remember, you can't just ask someone to marry you without having a relationship. That'd be weird.

*End of rant.

Since you're here, let me talk about myself (irony intended) 😉


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