The Art of Using Humor in Advertising

The Art of Using Humor in Advertising

With all of the news going around about which companies are going to be in this seasons Superbowl commercials, it got us thinking: Why are these commercials such a highly anticipated and view worthy spectacle? The answer, humor. This is the sporting event of the year where large companies such as Turbo Tax, Square Space, and Avocados from Mexico release their best commercials.

For example, last year Avocados from Mexico released an ad involving people in a giant dome of paradise with just avocados. All is calm and happy until they realize that the chips are on the outside with no way of getting to them. This creates hysterical chaos which ends because they realize they can put avocados on more than chips.

These commercials are the most talked about topics the next day, even more than the actual Superbowl itself. But why does humor matter and what kind of effect does it have on its targeted audience? Read on to find out. 

A study done by Ace Metrix found that humorous ads get more attention and increase likability. However, the study found they were less likely to increase desire or purchase-intent compared to information based and unfunny ads. This doesn't mean that you should scratch out humor altogether, there's a science to when/how to use humor in your advertising. 

When it comes to advertising, an ad with humor should be funny, relevant, and informative. Where companies go wrong is they just attempt to use humor without tying it into their product. While this may get the attention of their audience, it doesn't entice them to buy into a brand/product. By adding relevancy and information, you not only get their attention but connect with them better and leave them wanting to learn more about your brand and product/service. 

Avocados from Mexico uses humor by creating chaos of people freaking out and  it's relatable because avocado lovers everywhere use chips to eat their avocados. It then makes it informative by showing that avocados go great with more than just chips. 

Humor is great for getting initial attention, it's then important to make it relevant so they can relate to your brand and informative so they understand and develop an urge to interact/buy from your company. Effectively implement this strategy into your advertising and you'll see great results. 

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