The Power of Being Bold in Your Content

The Power of Being Bold in Your Content

We hear it everywhere, the average attention span is decreasing more and more. A lot of blame has been placed on the tiny screens we hold in our pockets. These devices enable us to have access to an endless amount of information all at once. That means we're very selective with the content we consume.

So how do we get people to receive our message?

The answer: Be Bold

I'm speaking literally of course. Use bold text in your copy when you're highlighting key points and takeaways. It's common practice that your readers will skim your content. They don't have time to read the whole thing.

A great practice to use is to read only your bold text and ask yourself "if I only read the bold, would I understand the message/offer?" This will help you clarify what should be bold vs what should be normal. text

But be careful with the amount of text you bolden. It can be a major turn off and won't keep your readers attention.

Use this strategy in our sales/marketing text. Whether you're sending emails, creating ads, or sending direct mail ;) Not only will your readers get the key points, but they'll thank you for making it easy to learn about your offer.


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