When Everyone's Going with Digital Marketing, Go with Direct Mail

When Everyone's Going with Digital Marketing, Go with Direct Mail

Pretty much all marketers are using some sort of digital marketing. This includes social media advertising, podcasts, email marketing, video advertising (those annoying video ads that now start when you're watching a Facebook video), and most recently, voice marketing.

What does this all mean? More companies competing with each other, using the same channels, to get their audience's attention.

The pond for digital marketing is a huge and crowded one. So unless you're one of the corporate killer whales in a sea of goldfish, getting prospective buyers is insanely difficult and competitive. 

Enter direct mail, the old-yet-wise marketing tactic that's been around long before digital marketing was even a thing. The direct mail pond is far less crowded making it easier to get a prospect's attention. And the open rates are substantially better, hoisting an average open rate of 80-90% compared to 20-30% for email marketing.

When executed correctly, direct mail can be an excellent strategy, perhaps the best strategy, to develop and harness a relationship with your target audience.

The physical touch of reaching out has been proven to provide a more personal touch which results in a response rate of 5.1% compared to .6% for email, .06% for paid search, and .4% for social media.

The big question is this, would you rather be a small fish in a big digital sea, or a big fish in a small, inviting and much more personal pond?

If you're looking to be the big fish that sends a customized and unique message to your audience, click here. We've got something that'll help you do just that. And it's got a 100% Open Rate. 

100% Open Rate. 100% Awesome.

You Got My Attention (YGMA) is a direct mail provider that offers a unique advantage: a 100% Open Rate. Our signature box has been proven to get a 100% Open Rate while our stuffed animal approach creates a memorable experience. Customers are able to customize their box with their own message and marketing materials inside the box as well as a URL to direct traffic to a specific webpage. Campaigns are simple and quick to set up.

Learn more about starting a YGMA campaign.

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