The struggle in today's digital marketing/sales atmosphere is real!

The internet is a huge and crowded place with lots of brands competing for attention. This means short attention spans. And that means your brand gets ignored. So how do you get the attention you need?

The answer is simple: direct mail. We did a ton of research to find out the most effective way to not only captivate an audience but see results.

There are 5 selling types, but only one is the best. Two popular seller styles are Relationship Builders and Challengers. One is the best, while one is the worst. Can you guess which one delivers the best results?
Wouldn't it be great if all of the people you contacted were interested in the product/service you sell? Sadly, most aren't interested in your product/service let alone talking to you. That's why you need to peak their curiosity to spark their interest.
Where most businesses fail when reaching out to their target audience is not nurturing relationships. This blog post will cover the three steps of the relationship building process and how to implement it.

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