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    Having a relationship with you have been a huge SCORE bear

    Personalize your business card exchange for your sports-loving clients and remind them that working with them has been a big score for you! Send this teddy their way to make a...

    Thinking about you has got us GLOWING teddy bear

    Show your customer thanks by telling them your GLOWING just thinking about them.

    Working with you is sweet M&M speaker

    Show your customer how sweet it is to have spoken or worked with them.

    We're so happy, we can hardly BEAR it teddy bear

    Send this teddy bear to your existing customer to show how you can hardly BEAR how happy you are to have them as a customer.

    PLAID to have you as a customer puppy

    PLAID to have you as a customer puppy can’t wait to give your customers a surprise when he shows up in their mailbox! Send him their way to show your appreciation.

    Nice doing BISCUITS with you puppy

    The only thing nice doing BISCUITS with you puppy likes more than a good handshake is the savory taste of success! Land a slot on your client’s calendar with this...

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