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    The UNICORN of a solution you've been looking for unicorn

    Everyone's looking for just the right solution with just the right features and prices. Show them you're that unicorn with our 18" plush stuffed animal. What a YGMA Direct Mail Campaign...

    Let's INK in a follow up meeting octopus

    You're sure to get another meeting penned in with let's INK in a follow up meeting octopus! Send this eight-armed expert their way today! What a YGMA Direct Mail Campaign Includes...

    We've got a TON more to talk about elephant

    Let your client know without question that you loved your last conversation—and you've got more to talk about! Send them our plush elephant to get your message across.  What a YGMA Direct...

    We're DYEING for a follow up dino

    We're DYEING for a follow up dino is here to let your clients know you're excited to keep the conversation going. Send this tie dyed prehistoric guy stomping to their...

    Let's bring our relationship back from EXTINCTION

    We get it, things happen and you can't control certain events from transpiring. Lost a customer due to a mistake or competitor? Send them this tie-dye dinosaur and win them...

    Nice doing BISCUITS with you puppy

    The only thing nice doing BISCUITS with you puppy likes more than a good handshake is the savory taste of success! Land a slot on your client’s calendar with this...

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