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    Sending you a BEAR hug bear

    The first impressions is always critical in any business relationship. Send them a bear hug with this 10" stuffed teddy bear. What a YGMA Direct Mail Campaign Includes This direct mail...

    We won’t have a HARE out of place bunny

    Your clients want to take on a firm that gets the job done right on the first go—and you’re the ones to do it! Show your trustworthiness and creativity with...

    Let's HOP into a meeting together bunny

    Sometimes you come across a client and there’s no doubt in your mind that you want to work with them—so let them know! Send them this bunny to "hop" into...

    CARROT all to learn more about us bunny

    CARROT all to learn more about us bunny is the cutest way to initiate a conversation with your prospective client. Send her hopping to their mailbox today! What a YGMA Direct...

    The UNICORN of a solution you've been looking for unicorn

    Everyone's looking for just the right solution with just the right features and prices. Show them you're that unicorn with our 18" plush stuffed animal. What a YGMA Direct Mail Campaign...

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