You Got My Attention (YGMA) is proud to announce the launch of its novel, stuffed animal-centered, direct mail services. Helping businesses better reach and develop relationships with their audience.

We hear it everywhere, the average attention span is decreasing more and more. A lot of blame has been placed on the tiny screens we hold in our pockets. These devices enable us to have access to an endless amount of information all at once. That means we're very selective with the content we consume.

So how do we get people to receive our message?

The answer: Be Bold

Social media is an amazing tool for businesses if used right. Creating the right content is key and where most companies fail. Read if you want to learn more about why social media marketing should be done a specific way. Also, cat memes.
Creating the right audience prevents you from selling meat to vegans (figuratively, of course). Use this checklist when building your audience to include in your marketing/sales campaigns.
Avoid these mistakes when creating an email or direct mail list so you know you're not being spammy.
In today's digital age, we've grown accustomed to hearing that people have the attention spans of not even gold fish. This is practically true which results in us having to continue to get our brand in front of our audience. 
Getting your audience to laugh won't alone get you their sale, but it is highly effective when used right. There are two other key components when using humor in your advertising and marketing.

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