You Got My Attention (YGMA) is proud to announce the launch of its novel, stuffed animal-centered, direct mail services. Helping businesses better reach and develop relationships with their audience.

The struggle in today's digital marketing/sales atmosphere is real!

The internet is a huge and crowded place with lots of brands competing for attention. This means short attention spans. And that means your brand gets ignored. So how do you get the attention you need?

The answer is simple: direct mail. We did a ton of research to find out the most effective way to not only captivate an audience but see results.

Implementing a direct mail campaign can be a magical, yet frightening, thing. You've got a message and product/service you want to offer and you're ready to hit your audience with it (hopefully not literally). But some actually fail not because of direct mail itself, but they don't take the right steps. To take the guesswork out of creating and implementing a direct mail campaign, we've created this simple five-step guide. 
In today's business environment, it's easy to say that competition is tighter than before. With advances in technology, an ever-connected world, an...
Avoid these mistakes when creating an email or direct mail list so you know you're not being spammy.
In today's digital age, we've grown accustomed to hearing that people have the attention spans of not even gold fish. This is practically true which results in us having to continue to get our brand in front of our audience. 
Omnichannel marketing is all about ensuring you have a simple, easy, and concise user experience across all marketing/sales channels. Not only this but making sure that each of the channels compliments each other.
There are multiple facets to launching a successful direct mail campaign. You have to curate the right type of direct mail campaign, select the audience your want to target, and develop the right call to action.
Why be a small fish in a big pond? Why use compete in a crowded digital world when you can use direct marketing to stand out from the crowd?

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