4 Non-Salesy Ways to Reach Your Audience

4 Non-Salesy Ways Salespeople Can Reach Their Audience

We've all been there: Clinching our head, trying to come up with ways to boost sales, to get our brand in front of our audience without being salesy and annoying. It's perhaps, one of the biggest marketing/sales dilemmas we face every day. And with the digital age, it's become an even bigger priority. Consumers now have more power than ever to shut out ads, block calls, report spam, etc. We've compiled these few ways to get in front of your audience without annoying them and, instead, showing them appreciation.

Birthday Messages

Who doesn't want to be wished a happy birthday? Using your clients birthday to your advantage can be a great way of nurturing your relationship. Try sending them a gift card, birthday card, small accessory, or even just a friendly call/email. This can help you build trust and let your customers know that you're not just about sales.

Worship Them for Your Accomplishments

It's a known fact that valuable customers love being a part of a brands journey. It established a sentimental connection between the two and creates loyal customers. Whenever your company hits a milestone, wins an award, or introduces a new product, make sure you send your customers a special thank you. Let them know that because of them, this was possible. Bonus points if you send personal thank you messages if you've accomplished something in your career.

Include Them in Your Community Work

Everyone loves to learn about company initiative to improve their community and world. Find ways to include your audience in that work. It can be as simple as blogging about it or even asking for donations. Not only does this get you in front of them, but it shows that you care about more than just offering a great product/service.

Get Personal with Them

If you spend a lot of time with specific clients and do a lot of "small talk," be sure to follow up with them on that small talk. For example, if you do a seasonal holiday card, send it to some of your favorite clients. We're all human and have outside lives from work, including your colleagues in your personal life shows that you're human and creates trust. 

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