Warm Your Cold Emails Up with These 8 Subject Lines

Warm Your Cold Emails Up with These 8 Subject Lines

If cold emailing is one of your tactics for generating new customers, you understand the struggle of creating the right email that isn't, well, cold. Cold emailing is extremely impersonal and often times doesn't yield results (only 24.79% of emails get opened on average).

When emailing, the subject line is the critical decision maker that decides if an email will get opened or not. We've created a list of subject lines that you can use in your cold emailing efforts. We've curated these subject lines to be personal, customer centric, and attention grabbing. 

  • Here to serve you
  • Let's achieve your goals
  • How can I help?
  • What can I offer you?
  • Let's grow together
  • What are your goals?
  • Have you considered (thought/recommendation)?
  • Can I help you achieve (goal) too?

Remember to keep your cold emails short, sweet, and, above else, about your audience, not you. Provide them with some sort of free information, trial, or consultation. You've invaded someones inbox, now you need to provide a valid reason to create trust.

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